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We Find the Best Mortgage Solutions and Provide Top Client Services 

Sunny Lending LLC (Sunny Chen Brokers) is a loan originating, lending and brokerage company headquartered in Maryland. We provide a wide range of residential and commercial loan origination services to our clients. We differentiate ourselves by providing quick secure loan application experience and resourceful loan program options for our borrowers by patterning with over 100 lending institutions to help our clients solve the most difficult challenges and get their loans approved timely. We currently hold the licenses for loan origination service in 6 US States, including Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Florida and South Carolina.

Our Services

Our Services

Customized Loan Consultation

We provide phone consultation tailored towards your specific situation and give you the best loan options 24x7

Find and Lock the Rate When You Want


We empower you to use our platform to compare live rates from top leading lenders in today's market and lock the rate you prefer immediately online 

Generate Pre-Approval Letter online

After checking and comparing, you can leverage our platform to securely produce a pre-approval letter for your targeted loan on your own

Provide Options for You to Decide on Which Loan Program to Use

We will give you several scenarios as well as pros and cons according to your financial background to make your own choice on the loan programs

Securely Upload Your Documents online

You can use our Blockchain enabled platform to easily and securely upload all required the documents to our platform for fast loan processing.

Refer Dependable parties related to your Loan

We provide a list of the dependable realtors, accountants and home insurance agents for you to compare and consult with

Would you like to know Your financial capability and how much you can borrow?



The New York State Department of Financial Services does not authorize the companies that are being advertised on this website

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