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Commercial Loan

Business owners and companies need funds to expand their business. Once a business owner recognizes that their business or company needs finances to run operations, they usually approach a financial institution for a commercial loan and put their commercial property as collateral. Maryland commercial loans help enterprises to scale their operations by capitalization. Sunny Lending LLC, one of Maryland's trusted commercial mortgage lenders, offers financial solutions and loans to businesses at affordable interest rates.

Maryland Commercial Loans

Essentially, a commercial loan is a financial assistance relationship between a business and a bank or mortgage lender. A business owner lends money when they need to grow their business quickly, expand office space, purchase new machinery or equipment or enhance their operations. Many companies in Maryland and surrounding areas don't have enough capital to reach their goals or measures for growth; therefore, they need Maryland commercial loans. As one of the trusted commercial mortgage lenders, we allow business owners to grow their business better and generate as much revenue that they can not only pay back the loan but can also increase their finances. 


Being one of the reputable commercial mortgage lenders based in Maryland, Sunny Lending LLC is authorized to originate Commercial loans nationwide

How Can You Get Maryland Commercial Loans Through Sunny Lending LLC?

Like home loans or car loans, we verify the company's finances, debt service coverage rate, documents related to the settlement of the previous mortgage, and credit score to recognize the creditworthiness of the business and capacity to reimburse the debt. Moreover, there will be an income check as per industry guidelines to determine whether your business would generate enough revenue to cover monthly payments. 


It is essential for a business owner to have better individual creditworthiness and history of their business, particularly when the business is in the initial phase or just started. In such a condition, we may request to submit information associated with a business owner's personal creditworthiness.

Types Of Maryland Commercial Loans We Offer

The following are a few types of Maryland commercial loans.

Commercial Construction Loans

Our Commercial construction loans are particularly intended for those businesses who seek financial assistance to build new commercial property, refurbish the existing commercial property, or make repairs. A company or business owner can utilize these funds to execute the construction or renovation work or to pay for the material used.

Hard Money Loans

These financial solutions are for the short-term up to two years. Such loans are suitable for business owners looking for a quick financial solution and expecting to repay the fund quickly.

SBA Loans

SBA loans come under the initiative run by the Small Business Administration (SBA), which is a federal agency that provides guidelines, programs, and certifications to lenders to lend money to small businesses. It provides assurance, providing certified lenders with the ability to make credit decisions following the Small Business Administration (SBA) terms. Small business owners or founders all seek SBA loan Maryland to cover their startup costs, real estate purchases, expansion, and more.

Sunny Lending LLC: The Best Among Commercial Mortgage Lenders In Maryland

We help our clients solve the most complex financial challenges and offer a simple and transparent process to get their Maryland commercial loan requests approved easily. Our blockchain-supported online platform makes it easy to upload all the essential documents for quicker loan processing. At Sunny Lending LLC, we aim solely to provide our clients with Maryland commercial loans at the most reasonable interest rates. When it comes to choosing the most suitable one among commercial mortgage brokers in Maryland, look no further and contact Sunny Lending LLC.

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