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Hard Money

As valued and trusted Maryland Hard Money Lenders, we provide much-needed hard money to those looking for urgent financial assistance. Hard money loans are an apt financial solution for borrowers who need cash against a property. These cash solutions come with a faster approval process. Maryland hard money lenders do not check income, some of them do not even check credit history for loan approval; instead, they approve hard money loans based on property value. 


At Sunny Lending LLC, we provide relief to borrowers who don’t have a good enough credit history of acquiring a loan from traditional lenders or those looking for an amount that traditional lenders do not usually offer. With our hard money loans, borrowers will be able to save their valued time and effort because of the faster approval process compared to traditional loans.

How Can We Help You With Hard Money Loans?

At Sunny Lending LLC, we know that borrowers who need urgent cash or hard money can not get solutions through traditional financial sources like banks or credit unions. But, there are no such regulations with Maryland hard money lenders like contact through Sunny Lending LLC. When it comes to getting a hard money loan through Sunny Lending LLC, there is no standard credit score or debt-to-income ratio required. We will review the information associated with the property you will use as collateral. Once the review is done, you will get your hard money request approved much faster than applying for conforming loans. However, the interest rates of hard money loans may vary from soft money loans. 


You can compare our hard money loan interest rates with other Maryland hard money lenders’ rates and will certainly experience the flexibility we offer with our interest rates.

Why Are Hard Money Loans Required?

We are one of the leading Maryland hard money lenders, and many individuals who want to invest in rental property approach us frequently. It is because financial institutions or credit unions either don’t provide hard money to them, or the borrower fails to qualify for the loan due to strict regulations. Apart from that, business owners seek hard money to purchase commercial real estate properties.


Maryland real estate investors earn by purchasing cost-effective homes and selling them at high costs, therefore, they seek Maryland hard money loans or Fix and Flip loans to get urgent financial solutions. They buy property in need of repair and sell them at good prices after value-boosting renovations and repairs. Whether you need to purchase a residential or commercial property or are just a victim of unwanted circumstances, Sunny Lending LLC could be your solution. 

Sunny Lending LLC: One Of Trusted Maryland Hard Money Lenders

Your quest for Maryland hard money lenders ends here. At Sunny Lending LLC, we are not only recognized as Maryland hard money brokers but also as an inclusive service provider of mortgage services. Our long range of residential and commercial financial solutions has served hundreds of Maryland residents and people from states like Virginia, Connecticut, Delaware, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, North Carolina,  Georgia,  Florida,  and West Virginia. Moreover, we offer customized consultation on financial solutions to our clients and help them choose the most appropriate financial solution as per their needs and requirements. 

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